Our Philosophy | Olive-Kids Model School

Philosophy of Education

We believe that self esteem is the critical component to optimal growth in young children. In order for a child to develop high self esteem, we focus on developing the socialization and self – help skills needed to succeed in other areas of development. Children at Olive-Kids are given the opportunity to explore experiment and create in a safe and nurturing environment.

Olive-Kids Model School is committed to providing quality education for children in partnership with parents and or guardians.

We endeavour to emphasize a positive, creative, learning environment, wherein the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, moral and spiritual development of each child is nurtured. Thus the individual difference of the children, arising from their varied home backgrounds and environment, are taken into consideration so that each student may develop a healthy self – concept.

1.) Each child is divinely created with a unique set of potentials, and is worthy of respect as an individual, thus instilling in children that we are called to serve God and one another.

2.) Each child is a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional being; and we at Olive-kids model school are aimed at helping all our pupils to develop in each of this four areas to the fullest potential.

3.) Our priority is to recognize and celebrate the unique nature of each child; and provide each child with a positive and complete educational experience. To achieve this goal we operate small class sizes with a comfortable pupil/teacher ratio, with emphasis on individual instruction at each class level.

4.) First impressions of a school last, so our classes are homely happy, cosy, and comfortable.
This will encourage enthusiasm, Stimulate creativity and enhance enjoyment of the learning experience.