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Thank you for your interest in my dream to educate and prepare your children, the hope of the future, unfortunately, education today for students is more academic based, which I feel does not prepare them for the practical side of life.
I believe that life outside the educational realm is competitive, demanding and requires assertiveness for success. To be successful in our modern world, our children don’t only need to be good students but also considerate.

We want to bring up mature, well- grounded individuals who can lead rather than follow. How do we achieve this? The world as we know it is a melting pot of cultures brought together. We can only learn from one another and we like to believe that at Olive-Kids Model School, we are instilling appreciation, values, honesty and respect into each of our students towards their peers and academic guidance tutors. We are proud to be responsible for children from all walks of life and a combination of cultures, and nationalities our happy interactive environment is conducive for learning.

About Us

Welcome to Olive-Kids Model School. We are glad you have chosen our school. We invite and encourage you to visit the classroom with your child prior to the first day of school. This visit provides Olive-Kids Model school staff and your child an opportunity to meet and get to know one another. It also makes separating on your child’s first day a little easier for both you and your child.

We hope our website will answer most of the questions you may have regarding our school program. Please feel free to talk to our staff at any time.

Once again, WELCOME!

1. Each child is divinely created with a unique set of potentials, and is worthy of respect as an individual, thus instilling in children that we are called to serve God and one another.

2. Each child is a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional being; and we at Olive-Kids Model School are aimed at helping all our pupils to develop in each of this four areas to the fullest potential.

3. Our priority is to recognize and celebrate the unique nature of each child; and provide each child with a positive and complete educational experience.
To achieve this goal we operate small class sizes with a comfortable pupil/teacher ratio, with emphasis on individual instruction at each class level.

4. First impressions of a school last, so our classes are homely happy, cosy, and comfortable. This will encourage enthusiasm, Stimulate creativity and enhance enjoyment of the learning experience.

Our Vision is to build an army of young stars who are committed to continuous improvement, through a life-long learning experience.

Our Mission is to provide a student – centered learning environment, with a broad and stimulating experience of the highest quality for all its students; and a combination of the formal curriculum and many extra-curricular activities, we believe that their involvement and enjoyment of both work and play in addition to the healthy friendship they build, will help make our students well grounded and ready to make their mark in the years ahead.

Our Core Values are Dedication, Respect, Courtesy, Integrity, Honesty and Discipline.